Challenge Hiring Assumptions with Data

We use experiments to model reality (sometimes to create alternative realities as in A/B experiments), to understand reality, and ultimately, to make decisions moving us ever closer to our goals. Improving iteratively, we learn not only from successful experiments but also from failed attempts. Experiments are important because they provide us with measurements. And measurements … Continue reading Challenge Hiring Assumptions with Data

Advance your Career with Automattic Rotations

Photo by James Wheeler on One distinguishing feature of Automattic’s work culture is a team rotation, through which an individual can move from one team to another. A rotation can happen for a few reasons: to “try out” a new role and gain new skills, to backfill an understaffed team, or to cultivate cross-pollination and … Continue reading Advance your Career with Automattic Rotations

Join us at Tumblr!

During an interview, a candidate recently asked me why, after more than five years, I still work at Automattic. Why? I like the people I work with, and they alone are a good reason to stay. Being globally distributed means I get to work with colleagues from various backgrounds. This helps me understand first-hand what’s … Continue reading Join us at Tumblr!

ExPlat’s Development Principles and Practices

When we started working on Automattic’s new experimentation platform (ExPlat), it became clear that we needed to agree on the development practices for the project. Achieving consensus was critical, given Automattic’s fractal nature and its strong emphasis on autonomy. In practice, these attributes lead to a high variability of project development cultures across the company, depending … Continue reading ExPlat’s Development Principles and Practices

Architecting ExPlat: Automattic’s New Experimentation Platform

Last month, my colleague Aaron Yan published a broad overview of Automattic’s new Experimentation Platform (ExPlat). This month, we’ll dive deeper into ExPlat’s architecture and design, explain how the landscape at Automattic informed our architectural decisions, and describe the platform’s main components. Future posts will share details on each component and other aspects of experimentation … Continue reading Architecting ExPlat: Automattic’s New Experimentation Platform