Optimizing Connections at Meetups

Explore the journey of how Automattic leverages the power of optimization and genetic algorithms to transform our meetups into more engaging and meaningful experiences. Our post delves into the creation of Dinnermattic, a hack project designed to foster stronger relationships among our globally distributed team.

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Synchronizing Data with Apache Superset: Our Internal Solution

At Automattic, our deep appreciation for open source software is evident through our active contributions, with a primary focus on WordPress. Recently, we integrated Apache Superset, to help support our intricate data visualization needs. One notable achievement includes the automation of dataset creation, a solution that not only resolved an issue but also enhanced our data discoverability.

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Quest for Efficient AI: An Evaluation of the Vector Database Landscape

Earlier this year, due to soaring interest and multiple product initiatives, we went on a quest to evaluate and deploy an internally hosted vector database. We’re in the midst of the AI revolution, and many new AI-inspired product initiatives rely on vector embeddings. Embeddings are generated by AI models, and take the form of high … Continue reading Quest for Efficient AI: An Evaluation of the Vector Database Landscape

Visualizing Diversity at Automattic

Diversity is essential to Automattic's culture. As a company with employees from over 100 countries, we believe that embracing different perspectives and backgrounds is key to being creative and productive. Through our different perspectives, we create a happy and safe environment for employees and users. For this reason (and also because it’s right), we strive … Continue reading Visualizing Diversity at Automattic