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During an interview, a candidate recently asked me why, after more than five years, I still work at Automattic.

Why? I like the people I work with, and they alone are a good reason to stay. Being globally distributed means I get to work with colleagues from various backgrounds. This helps me understand first-hand what’s happening where they live. But the key is, I never get bored here.

There has always been another opportunity to grow. At Automattic, I have worked on a range of data science projects from building tools for hypothesis testing to making domain name recommendations. Becoming a team lead and working with a coach were different kinds of growth opportunities. And recently, I joined the Tumblr team. Now, I get to work on a completely different product without changing employers!

Tumblr connects people over shared interests such as studying, gender fluidity, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a rich world, with the largest data sets that I’ve ever explored.

While there are over 1,600 Automatticians in 88 countries, less than 200 of them contribute to Tumblr. Combined with the same open communication we have elsewhere at Automattic, this means ideas can truly come from anyone — and be heard by the rest of the Tumblr team!

How about joining us to add your own ideas to the mix?

We’re looking for:

Senior Data Scientist, Tumblr

This role is for you if you enjoy backing decisions with data, making sense of user behavior and empowering others to use data. In this role, you’ll partner with many other teams to provide deep insights about our business and product. You’ll build and improve our analytics infrastructure and data pipelines, and create reports to inform our direction.

Read more and apply here.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Tumblr

This role is for you if you like contributing to a core user experience: content discovery on Tumblr. You will be working on all stages of the product development process —from project ideation, to choosing the best algorithm, making it  scale and running A/B tests. The team you’ll join is currently distributed across Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. We are looking for a mix of expertise in machine learning, strong engineering skills, and a product mindset for this role.

Read more and apply here.

Search Engineer, Tumblr

This role is for you if you’re excited about building search at scale — helping millions of users to find the best content from billions of posts. You’ll work on retrieval, ranking, filtering, and personalization of content viewed on Tumblr, tying it all together with Elasticsearch. We’re looking for someone with experience deploying and maintaining production search systems (Elasticsearch, Solr, or Lucene) who is excited about  building a safe and inspiring search experience for our users.

Read more and apply here.

And if these are not quite what you’re looking for, check out this page to see all our open positions.

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